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iPod Loading

If you...

  • bought an iPod
  • received an iPod as a gift
  • don't have time to load your music into it
  • don't know how to load your music into it

... Then this service is for you

  Contact Roy Hagen Web Design & Production Services to arrange to either have your iPod and CDs picked up (if local) or sent to us. We will load your CD collection into your iPod and return it along with your CDs within a week.

1-99 CDs = $2.00 per CD

100-200 CDs = $1.75 per CD

200-499 CDs = $1.50 per CD

500+ CDs = $1.25 per CD

  We can also provide you with a DVD containing all of your music files for an additional $5.00 per DVD.
  ** CDs that are scratched and skip make MP3s that skip  
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